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Two Party Compromise: A proposed ideas that will fix America!

I propose the "No Worker/ Tax Payer Left behind Bill" which is simple. Of course, this is a whim writing and debatable. Backgrou...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Party Compromise: A proposed ideas that will fix America!

I propose the "No Worker/ Tax Payer Left behind Bill" which is simple. Of course, this is a whim writing and debatable.

Background: Dr. Clayton Christensen (a Harvard Business Professor) which stated Protestant based Capitalism worked because those who believed in a higher power not only believed in individual rights (a tenant of Capitalism), but treating workers above and beyond the going-rate of fairness. In other words, business owners that are faithfully involved in Religion tend to pay better. For instance, Hobby Lobby has a $14 per hour minimum wage based on region. Chick-Fil-A never understaffs their businesses in order to cut costs. This environment is why their employers are so happy and polite in comparison to other fast-food businesses. In addition, their employers never work a Sunday.

Enact legislation that reforms the Affordable Care Act and makes insurance mandatory at one hour of work or more instead of 30. (Hang on employers and business owners, it is a win-win. Keep reading!) Reason is employers are adding all part-time workers with many new contracts stating explicitly that condition of employment is 29 3/4 hours per week or less. However, mandate insurance policies that covers ONLY specialty, chronic, and catastrophic care with a low co-pay as an initial cost share capped per family per year. This is less expensive overall than traditional insurance and will open up cash competition at the point of most care which is urgent care/ primary care. Birth control, cough and cold, etc. can come from out of pocket, health savings accounts, or charity. All immunizations would be covered by the governments public health. The other option of no health benefits for any small employer is as below.

In order to ensure as few workers as possible are on welfare, minimum wage would be regionally set based on purchasing power to $15 with no health benefits or $10.86 per hour with benefits described above and the hourly wage would be raised by law in the following manner with stagnation only allowed in one circumstance (minus documented poor performance):

All wages for every employee would raise automatically to the lowest of these three- 1. The percentage rate of inflation OR 2. The percentage rate of business profit increase (or decrease) OR 3. the rate of board member compensation increase with number 3 over-riding any stagnation in pay due to business profit increase or decrease. If both 2 and 3 are in the negative, then the rate could forgo even the inflationary pay increase. This would be the most efficient wealth transfer instead of inefficiently taxing the business and handing it out in the form of welfare.

A study just released actually shows that the 13 states that have raised minimum wage actually has seen an increase in employment slightly higher than the states that have not.

Any business that lays-off employees (except firing for criminal or negligent/ poor performance which is documented) through any means other than scheduled retirements YET posts an increase in profit and/or increase in board member pay within one calendar year (including fringe benefits or increase in "perks" including stock offerings) and/or pays out a dividend within one calendar year to stockholders must extend unemployment insurance to those laid off for an additional two years or pay back any welfare entitlement paid for by any form of government for up to two years whichever is less. Binding independent arbitration paid 50/50 cost shared for any small business would determine if an employee was unfairly fired in order to avoid lay-off stipulations. Another option would be losing party pays costs.

Any employer found to have hired an unauthorized worker will be subject to criminal and civil fines. Verification through eVerify will be a probable defense to prosecution.

You can never force morals. But we must return to a Judeo-Christian ethic in leadership. That is quit focusing on quarterly return and maximize long-term shareholder value for long-term payout.


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