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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Affirmative Action: What once helped minorities only hurts them

Chief Justice Roberts said it best in Parents Involved (2007) when writing, "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race." This is true concerning the horrific history of our nation and it is true today in social experimentation with our youth and young adults. The only time it was not so true was in the immediate aftermath (a generation, two at most, to correct the injustice of the Jim Crow era elevating persons of color into management and other realms of society in order to set the black community up for future success. In the unlikely event of community resistance to these programs, I could even see extending the programs slightly longer. 
Fast forward to a day and age where even an African American is currently on the Supreme Court, an African American is serving his SECOND elected term in the White House, 46 members of Congress are black (not to mention the amount of all other ethnicities now in Congress and on the Supreme Court), it is time to stop using race as a factor in schools, government, and definitely in the private sector. 
In today's more enlightened America, affirmative action does more to harm the minority community (especially black and Hispanic communities) than good. And Affirmative Action actually has shown to harm Asians (the model minority community according to many experts) than to even the Caucasian community. First I will address African American/ Hispanic harm and then Asian discriminatory effect of affirmative action. 
According to black scholars such as Shelby Steele of Stanford University, affirmative action has created a perception of black doctors and other licensed professionals that they are not as qualified as Caucasians because many have arrived to prestigious schools not on achievement, but by affirmative action (Tweedy, 2015). In California where racial preferences were banned, more black and Hispanic applicants actually accepted enrollment when qualified not on race due to the stigma of only getting a slot by affirmative action was no longer present (Sander & Taylor Jr., 2012). Additionally, where academic achievement is mismatched by affirmative action bumps and thus enrollment into prestigious colleges, the well above average drop out rate and licensure failure rate for black and Hispanic students further led to stereotypes of intelligence being lower amongst those communities than were those who actually were fully qualified educationally and actually kept up or exceeded their Caucasian peers (ibid).  This harm is further reinforced by data below in how Asians have been actually harmed by affirmative action below. 
Recently a lot of media attention was shown to what many call the "model minority" of our nation; those of Asian decent. The book "Tiger Mom" made headlines because of the strict discipline in Asian homes toward academic achievement and the highest percentile of two-parent homes of all ethnicities in the United States has created upward mobility of the Asian community than both any other minority or majority population. (I attribute the upward mobility nearly 100% to the familial function of a community and this is corroborated with criminality and poverty by ethnicity and their averages of divorce and single parenthood patterns pertaining to each ethnic group.) <- before I get beat up, I am speaking in macro, not micro. Anyone individual can show an exception such as our President. Like I say, not all smokers get lung cancer, but the macro trend is such that we say smoking causes lung cancer! 
Looking at admissions outside of California and other states where affirmative action has been banned, an Asian applying for medical school with scored between 27-29 on their MCAT and held a 3.4-3.59 undergraduate GPA had a 28% chance of acceptance to medical school, a Caucasian with the same had a 34% chance, whereas Hispanic and Black applicants with the same had a 68% and 84% chance respectively! This means, due to the overwhelming representation of Asians in medical schools and their in-tact communities, one of the smallest communities in our nation is actually the most discriminated against! See the chart below showing the results of the study by the American Enterprise Institute.
So the point is, it is time for Affirmative Action to end. It has now reached past the point of help to the point of harm. 

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