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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Six Percent Trust the Mainstream Media- Here's an example of why.

I speak from someone not supporting either of the candidates. However, the media was wrong claiming a victor and "historic moment" etc. the night before the final Super Tuesday.

Even after California (whose vote may have been suppressed by this shoddy journalism the night before), Hillary Clinton has won just 2,184 pledged delegates. She needs 2,383 pledged delegates to become the "presumptive nominee" before the convention- 199 short. Taking into consideration the final primary in Washington D.C. next week which awards 45 delegates, assuming she wins, she'd still need 154 more pledged delegates to become the Democrat's "presumptive nominee". This means that even after the last ballot, she is shy 154 delegates and by rules of the Democrat party, they wait until the convention to choose their nominee which then includes super delegates (which is undemocratic in and of itself). Super delegates are not allowed to cast a pledge prior to Wed. of their convention. This means that at most she would have at most the title of "likely nominee" would be more fitting by a media pretending to be fair and unbiased.

As Bernie Sanders claims, the AP, using un-named sources doing polling of those party leaders named at whim as "Super Delegates" (who also wished to remain anonymous) yet to cast their "super delegate" vote which cannot take place until the convention is like calling an entire election based on polling weeks before the election date in November or using exit-poll data on the day of the election. With proper persuasion (such as an indictment of Clinton based on her flouting the laws as Secretary of State), super delegate votes may yet change to Sanders.

This is exactly why no one trusts the media (6% trust according to the AP in APR, 2016). When they are wrong, others try to cover for them such as here. What the AP did to Sanders the night before the last "Super Tuesday" was absolutely wrong.

The irony is that the narrative-creating bias (what the media chooses to report on, how often, how saturated, and when- Friday vs. a Monday) is usually skewed left with the Republican party complaining (and rightfully so based on research found here). But this time, they hurt the Socialist Bernie Sanders probably due to the deep pocket of the Clintons and all of the former Clinton and Obama staffers working as "journalists" at the largest news rooms such as George Stephanopoulos of "Good Morning America" and ABC News "This Week" who also broke journalistic standards by being a major contributor this election cycle to Hillary Clinton. Other examples include media titan and owner of CNN (known in some circles as "Clinton News Network") Ted Turner who is also a major donor of Clinton.


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